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Solvent based, professional paste wax for polished marble and granite

General properties

REFLEX is a blend of natural and synthetic waxes to provide and renew luster, enhancing the stones colour, while hiding natural defects and blemishes on the polished stone. REFLEX provides a durable high gloss finish and water, dirt resistance to the stone surface, protecting the surface against scuffs and scratches. REFLEX does not leave a visible coating or distort the clarity of the stone pattern. UV resistant. Available colours : Neutral ; Black ; Red ; Beige ; Green

Directions for use

In circular movements, apply by a cotton cloth a thin even coat of REFLEX to a dry and clean surface, allowing a complete product penetration into the stones pores.Allow a curing time of 10/15 minutes and proceed to remove product residue using a fine steel wool pad. Buff the surface manually or with a polishing machine using a white nylon pad.

Where to apply

REFLEX is mostly recommended for internal use on marble, granite, natural stone and agglomerate worktops, windowsills headstones and mouldings. Note: For a complete stain protection, we recommend the use of Delta Research anti stain products prior to the application of Reflex on the surface.


Boxes of 24 tins of 500 ml.


Indicative coverage applying one coat of the product on surfaces of medium absorption is 20-30 m² / lt. (160-325 sq. ft. / lt.). On surfaces of low absorption is 50 m² / lt. (540 sq. ft. / lt.).