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Crystal P

Professional floor polishing powder for dull/etched marble. Travertine terazzo and natural stone floors

General properties

CRYSTAL P is a polishing powder based on oxalates and special additives. It’s specially designed to remove light surface scratches, water / acid etch marks and uneven wear patterns to create an even high gloss polished surface finish. The easy-to-use CRYSTAL P is made up of a special mixture of polishing and micro-abrasive substances, that when mixed with water, the product renews the luster and gloss of the dull stone surface, creating a mirror like factory polish while saving time and money.

Directions for use

Remove all object‘s and furniture from the area or areas to be polished. Protect or tape all corners and edges from eventual product spills. Dust mop the surface to remove all surface dirt and debris.The surface to be treated must be clean and free of polymers, acrylates and wax layers. Use TERGON, SOLVENTE GAMMA or STRIPPER to thoroughly clean the surface. Use a
mono brush polishing machine with approx. 150rpm and 50kg pressure. Always use a white nylon polishing pad. Treat larger surfaces in segments of approx. 10 to 15m. Wet the surface with plenty of water. Spread a small quantity of CRYSTAL P and immediately start polishing. When the product turns pasty, add some water and continue polishing until the desired gloss level is reached. Then immediately rinse the surface with TERGON diluted 1:20 and remove the solution with a wet and dry
vac or cloth. Do not allow any product residues to remain on the surface.

Short & long term maintenance

For routine cleaning of the treated surface, we suggest the use of hygienic detergent CLEAN STONE.
For the maintenance of external stone floors we suggest the use of TERGON.

Where to apply

Suitable on polished marble, travertine, limestone and cement based terrazzo. Not suitable for granite, gneiss and similar hard stones


Do not apply to waxed floors. Remove all previous applied waxes using "STRIPPER". Do not apply to damp and dirty surfaces and where temperatures are below +10°C. Before application a small discret area should be tested to verify the suitability of the product on the stone to be treated. Wear gloves, goggles and protective clothing. Do not eat and drink during the application of the product. Keep the product well closed and out of the reach of children.


Approx 50m²/kg


Boxes of 12 bottles of kg/ containers of 5kg / 10k and 25kg containers by request.

Safety/ toxicity

Before using this product, please read the Material Safety Data Sheet (available through your local representative), and the precautionary statement on the product package, follow all applicable directions.

Our technical addvice-whether verbal, in writing or by way of trials-is given in good faith but without warranty, and this also applies where the proprietary rights of tird parties are involved. It does not relase you from the obligation to test the products supplied by us to their suitability for the intended processes and uses. The application, use and processing of the products are beyond our control and, therefore, entirely your own responsibility. Should, in spite of this, liability be established for any damage, it will be limited to the value of the goods delivered by us and used by you.