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Basic Cotto

Water based, protective impregnator for application to the back/fixing side for all polished, honed marbles, granites and natural stone tiles.

General properties

BASIC COTTO is a specially engineered deep penetrating siloxane based primer for application to highly absorbent terracotta and natural stone surfaces. BASIC COTTO contains adhesion promoting polymers which penetrate and bond strongly in the tiles pores ensuring a complete protection against rising humidity, lime deposits and efflorescence, while improving the tile for an eventual adhesion of a topcoat. BASIC COTTO can be top coated with both water and solvent based anti stain sealers 12/48 hours after drying, giving the surface a complete anti stain surface against most general stains such as; coffee, water and oil

Directions for use

Apply by brush, roller or using a low pressured hand pump sprayer or airless, BASIC COTTO uniformly to the clean and dry surface. Proceed to apply one uniform abundant coat to the terracotta or stone surface; If applied by spray, remove any air bubbles from surface or applicator marks and excess using a clean cotton cloth or lambs wool applicator. If applying a solvent based anti stain treatment to the terracotta or stone surface (AMBRA, ICE, BARRO or SEAL & SAF SEAL), allow a curing time of 48 hours before application. A water based anti stain treatment can be applied after 12 hrs.

Where to apply

The product is applied on highly absorbent internal/external clay, brick and general terracotta masonry floor surfaces. The product is highly recommended also on absorbent natural stone surfaces.


Boxes of 12 bottles of 1 lt. / 4 containers of 5 lt.


Indicative coverage applying one coat of the product on surfaces of medium absorption is 4-5 m² / lt. (45-55 sq.ft. / lt.) On surfaces of low absorption is 6-8 m² / lt. (65-85 sq.ft. / lt.)