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Pol Machine

Multi purpose detergent for commercial and industrial floor surfaces

General properties

POL MACHINE is an environmentally safe, concentrated, biodegradable, non-acidic, water based detergent developed as a high penetrating, multi purpose de greaser for general commercial floor and industrial cleaning applications. Due to its low foaming qualities, POL MACHINE used in traditional automatic scrubbers or in general floor cleaning machines is a effective alternative to traditional wet mop detergents, as it will dissolve quickly most stubborn marks such as; rubber tire marks, scuff marks, surface dirt and grease spills etc without leaving foam residues, streaks or smears on the floor surface.

Directions for use

Fill the wash & dry machines tank with clean water. Add the desired quantity of POL MACHINE following the below ratios, depending on the extent of surface dirt to be removed.

Where to apply

For commercial and industrial flooring areas in polished marble, granite, natural stone and other traditional masonry/coated surfaces in general.


HEAVY CLEANING: 1 part of POL MACHINE with 10/15 parts of water.NORMAL CLEANING: 1 part of POL MACHINE with 25/30 parts of water.LIGHT CLEANING: 1 part of POL MACHINE with 80/100 parts of water.


Boxes of 12 bottles of 1 lt. / 4 containers of 5 lt.