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De Graub

Acidic based, grout, cement, lime deposit, efflorescence remover for textured natural stone and ceramic

Directions for use

Before proceeding with application, to avoid damages from accidental spills, remove all removable objects from job site, protect or tape all nearby wall surfaces and surroundings such as; glass, metal or aluminium taps, window frames/ledges, plants or vegetation. Allow adequate ventilation. For external applications divert pedestrians, vehicles or other properties.Pre-wet the surface with abundant water. Apply the prepared solution of DE GRAUB evenly on the surface to be cleaned, allowing a contact time of 2/3 minutes. Proceed to scrub the surface using scrubber and bristles.Rinse the surface with abundant water and neutraliser (RUST OFF) diluted in accordance with label, making sure to eliminate completely any product residues. Ensure that tiles, adhesive beds and grouts are completely dry before sealing (10-15 days).

Where to apply

The product is applied on newly honed, textured, flamed marble, granite, natural stone and ceramic floors for the removal of grout films and general installation residues and dirt.


NORMAL WASH: Dilute DE GRAUB at a ratio of 1/5 with water.HEAVY WASH: Dilute DE GRAUB at a ratio of 1/2 with water. For difficult or stubborn areas use the product pure.


Boxes of 12 bottles of 1 kg. / 4 containers of 5 kg.


Indicative coverage applying one coat of the product on most materials is 1- 5 m² / lt. (15- 60 sq.ft. / lt.)