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Clean Stone

Water based, hygenic detergent for routine cleaning of marble, granite, natural stone, terrazzo, ceramic and terracota

General properties

CLEAN STONE is an environmentally safe, concentrated, water based biodegradable, non-acidic, non-abrasive cleaner and degreaser, developed without harsh chemicals or fumes. Clean Stone will not harm the polish on polished or acid sensitive surfaces and is very effective as ongoing maintenance for surfaces previously sealed. Clean Stone is recommended for both residential and commercial use, and it is ideal for kitchen and bar tops, hotel bathrooms, guest rooms, public restrooms, wall surroundings and common areas. Clean Stone removes dirt, scuff marks, and will prevent mould and mildew staining and growth, leaving in its path a very pleasant fragrance.

Directions for use

Apply the desired solution by mop or spray onto the stone or tile surface. Mop evenly, rinse and wipe off as usual using a sponge or clean cloth.

Where to apply

The product is applied on internal or external polished or unpolished stone surface such as marble, granite, natural stone, slate, limestone and on terrazzo, ceramic, terracotta, brick and grout surfaces.


NORMAL CLEANING: 1 part of CLEAN STONE with 30 parts of water.HEAVY CLEANING: 1 part of CLEAN STONE with 10 parts of water.


Boxes of 12 bottles of 1 lt. / 4 containers of 5 lt.