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Solvent based, "natural look" anti stain for natural stone and agglomerates

General properties

SEAL protects the stone from moisture and general stains such as oil, grease, dirt, food, mould and mildew. SEAL is recommended for delicate natural stone such as Sandstone, Carniglia, Pietra Dorata, Limestone, Peperino and honed agglomerate surfaces. The anti stain action is due to its technologically advanced formulation, protecting deep inside the stone pores for a long period of time. SEAL does not change the natural aspect of the stone or to the sanded grout surface and it will not create any type of film or plastic effect, while allowing vapour to escape. UV resistant.

Directions for use

For newly laid floors, wash the floor with DE GRAUB (37) to remove all installation dirt and rinse with abundant water and neutraliser. On old floors and surfaces wash with TERGON (33). Ensure tiles, adhesive beds and grouts are completely dry before sealing (10-15 days)Apply SEAL uniformly by lambs wool applicator or spray on clean and dry surfaces. If applied by spray, remove any air bubbles from surface using a clean cotton cloth or lambs wool applicator. Allow a curing time of 3/4 hours before applying a second coat of product. We suggest to allow 12/24 hours, curing time before resuming normal use of the treated surface.To avoid and prevent the adhesion of grout, cement or other grouting substances to the tiles surface and pores and the possible staining that can result from the above substances, we highly recommend the application of the product PRE SEALER (23b) in order to protect the surface during the installation and to help/quicken the following clean up from the construction dirt.

Where to apply

The product is applied on internal or external honed marble, granite, natural stone and agglomerate surfaces. Seal is highly recommended on stones such as Pietra Dorata, Carniglia , Peperino , Serpentino of Italy and Stone of Bedonia.


For routine cleaning we suggest the use of our hygienic detergent CLEAN STONE (24). To remove stubborn or ingrain dirt from the stones surface, we suggest the use of our heavy duty detergent TERGON (33). For high traffic internal areas, to avoid ingrain dirt we suggest to treat the stone surface with our STONE COAT (22 ).


Boxes of 12 bottles of 1 lt. / 4 containers of 5 lt.

Indicative coverage applying two coats of the product on surfaces of medium absorption is 4-6 m² / lt. (45-65 sq.ft. /lt.). On surfaces of low absorption is 10-15 m² / lt. (100-160 sq.ft. / lt.).