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Rapid Cotto

Water based, water/dirt repellent "satin effect"

General properties

RAPID COTTO protects all types of terracotta surfaces from moisture and dirt providing a satin look finish without distorting the clarity of the tile pattern. RAPID COTTO can be applied to damp tile surfaces without waiting for the traditional 10-15 days curing period. It is highly recommended on any type of terracotta surface in high traffic areas such as hotel lobbies and shopping centres, where the open pores must be protected against ingrained dirt, providing the surface a soft mate sheen. The superior water repellency and dirt resistance of this water based product is due to its technologically advanced formulation, protecting deep inside the terracotta pores for a long period of time. RAPID COTTO does not change the natural aspect of the stone surface and it will not deteriorate or yellow over time, while allowing vapour to escape. UV resistant. Easy maintenance.

Directions for use

Apply by cloth, lambs wool applicator, mop or spray on clean surfaces.On traditional surfaces apply two coats of RAPID COTTO in circular motions, ensuring complete penetration. Smooth out any applicator marks and product excess. Allow 3/4 hours curing time between each application.We suggest to allow 12/24 hours, for complete curing time before resuming normal use and maintenance of the treated surface.


For routine cleaning we suggest the use of our hygienic detergent CLEAN STONE (24). To maintain the satin look finish , apply the application of WAXED every 60 days, depending on the foot traffic. To remove the treatment , we suggest the use of our wax remover STRIPPER (32) every 12-18 months. On a dry surface re apply the application of RAPID COTTO.

Where to apply

The product is applied on internal Tuscany and commercial terracotta floors. RAPID COTTO is highly recommended for high traffic areas such as; kitchen floors, restaurants and bar areas.


Boxes of 12 bottles of 1 lt. / 4 containers of 5 lt.


Indicative coverage applying two coats of the product on surfaces of medium absorption is 8 10 m² / lt. (85-120 sq.ft. / lt.) On surfaces of low absorption is 15-20 m² / lt. (160-230 sq.ft. / lt.)