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Quasar Speed

Fast evaporating, solvent based, anti stain for polished marble, granite and natural stone tops

General properties

QUASAR SPEED protects the stone surface from moisture and general stains such as of oil, grease, dirt, food, mould and mildew. QUASAR SPEED uses a fast evaporating solvent which allows the applicator to reduce drastically drying times. QUASAR SPEED is safe on food handling surfaces such as; tables, bars, kitchen counters and vanity tops, preventing also the growth of bacteria. The anti stain action is due to its technologically advanced formulation, protecting inside the stone pores for a long period of time. QUASAR SPEED does not change the natural aspect of the stone surface and it will not create any type of film or plastic effect , while allowing vapour to escape. UV resistant.

How to use

Apply by cloth, lambs wool applicator or spray one coat of QUASAR SPEED uniformly on a clean and dry surface. If applied by spray, remove any air bubbles or applicator marks from surface using a clean cotton cloth or lambs wool applicator. Allow a curing period of 1/2 hours before removing manually any dry product excess from surface using white nylon pad. We suggest to allow 12/24 hours, curing time before resuming normal use of the treated surface.


For routine cleaning we suggest the use of our hygienic detergent CLEAN STONE. To eliminate dried calcareous residue and to maintain the polished surface , we suggest the use of STONE CREAM. If a traditional polish or gloss is required, we suggest the application of REFLEX.

Where to apply

The product is applied on internal or external polished marble, granite and natural stone surfaces. QUASAR SPEED is highly recommended for areas in constant contact with water and food such as; kitchen counters, table and bar tops.


Boxes of bottles of 12 lt. / 4 containers of 5 lt.


Indicative coverage applying one coat of the product on surfaces of medium absorption is 6-10 m² / lt. (100-160 sq.ft. / lt.) On surfaces of low absorption is 15- 20 m² / lt. (220-260 sq.ft. / lt.)