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Anti Slip

Professional, acidic based, anti slip retardant treatment for high trafficked marble, granite and natural stone floors

General properties

ANTI SLIP is a professional, easy-to-use, acidic based detergent especially developed to obtain an anti slip floor surface without the disadvantages of a plastic coating. ANTI SLIP can be applied on most internal and external marble, granite, natural stone and other masonry surfaces. ANTI SLIP acts directly on the micro structure on the surface pores, creating a faveolated surface reducing the slipperiness of the smooth or polished surface, without visibly modifying the stones structure. Highly recommended on continuos wet surfaces where slipping is a daily major problem.

How to use

Dry mop the area to remove all dust and dirt debris. Using a solution of TERGON and clean water, proceed to scrub manually or using a scrubber with a red nylon pad the floor surface. Wet vacuum all residues and allow the surface to dry completely before proceeding to apply the product ANTI SLIP.2) Apply an abundant coat of ANTI SLIP evenly by mop or using a sponge applicator. During application it is highly important to prevent any product foaming or air bubbles forming on floor surface. Do not allow the solution to dry during the application, if needed, proceed to re-apply the product. Depending on floor material, allow the suggested contact time for product reaction, thus increasing the floors slip resistance.3) Flood rinse the treated surface with abundant water. Eliminate any product residues using a wet vacuum. Note; A slip resistance test must be performed before and after the application in order to certify the actual slip resistance. Have all documents certified by a responsible third party. Ensure that tiles, adhesive beds and grouts are completely dry before eventual sealing (10-15 days).

Where to use

The product is highly recommended on internal or external Ceramic, Porcelain & Quarry Tiles, Concrete, Granite, Marble and Terrazzo or Natural stone floor surfaces which do not meet the European DIN 51130 standards or regulations regarding slip resistance. ANTI SLIP is highly recommended in entrances to public buildings, hotel lobbies, swimming pools, shopping centres and stairs etc.


Boxes of 12 bottles of 1 kg. / 4 containers of 5 kg.

Handle the pure product with rubber gloves and a eventual face mask. Keep the product well closed and out of the reach from children. Before application a small discreet area should be tested to verify the suitability of the product on the stone to be treated. Important that suitable ventilation is provided during and after in the area where the application is being carried out. Use appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).