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Duro Cem

Concrete hardener and dustproofer



DUROCEM is a magnesiumflurosilicate concrete hardener and dustproofer that bonds chemically with the concrete to strengthen and harden floors that are porous, readily absorptive, and only moderately hard. Strengthens floors that are porous, readily absorptive, and only moderately hard; ideal for aged concrete surfaces.

Produces a breathable, dense, abrasion-resistant surface Improves resistance to most acids, alkalis, organic and inorganic chemicals, oils, greases Reduces cleaning and maintenance costs for floors



1 New concrete must be thoroughly dry and cured a minimum of 10 days; for best results cure for a full 28 days.

2. Surfaces must be clean, dry, and free of all loose dirt, oil, wax, sealers, curing and parting compounds,and other foreign matter or carbonation.

3. Use MAC MUD or TERGON for oil stains and general cleaning. Rinse floor thoroughly and allow to dry.


1. The number of applications and dilution ratios for DUROCEM are dependent on the porosity and density of the concrete. Two applications of DUROCEM are generally required onconcrete and nonresin-based terrazzo floors.Woodfloated, broom-finished, or porous floors may requirea third application applied full strength.

2. Apply DUROCEM by roller, spray, brush, or squeegee. Bubbling indicates activation of the DUROCEM into the concrete. Distribute evenly and mop up excess solution or puddles.



1:1(water to DUROCEM) first application, 1:2 second application

1. After the first application, allow the floor to dry until no longer visibly wet.

      2. If crystals develop during the second application, flush the surface liberally with clean water, preferably hot. At the same time, rapidly brush the floor with a stiff-bristled broom. Then mop up excess water and allow the surface to dry.



1. To achieve the appearance of a polished sheen from traffic, use 3 applications of DUROCEM 

. The first is diluted 4 :1 (water to DUROCEM), the second is diluted 3 :1, and the third is diluted 2 : 1.

2. As the last application is drying, wait for the uniform appearance of white crystals. Flood the floor with water and buff with a commercial floor buffer using a 3M® or similar type of abrasive pad.

Continue buffing until the floor acquires a patina or polish and the whiteness is gone.

3. The above recommendation is for dense, steeltroweled floors. Older or more porous concrete may require less dilution or a lower coverage rate or more than 3 applications.

CAUTION: unusually wet or oily environments will be more slippery with this surface treatment.



The first is diluted 3 : 1 (water to DUROCEM) on each application.

1. Do not allow the first application to dry. While the surface is still damp, flush it thoroughly with clean hot water and then allow it to dry until no longer visibly wet. For the second application, follow the same procedure but mop up excess wash water and allow the surface to dry.

2. White crystals developing after the first or second application signifies too strong a mix or the surface reaching maximum hardness. If this occurs, stop the application and flush the surface with clean, hot water; broom with a stiff-bristle broom, and allow to dry. If any applications remain, increase the dilution ratio to avoid further problems.



Maintain polished floor surface using CLEAN STONE, a daily pH neutral detergent for stone surfaces. 



Recommended for use on all classes of concrete floors



In event of freeze/thaw, warm and restir to uniformity. If separation is persistent, discard DUROCEM


• When mixing or handling DUROCEM in other than the original sealed container, use a plastic bucket.

• Small amounts of sediment or a cloudy appearance in the container will not affect product performance.

• Do not apply to uncured concrete; concrete must be properly wet cured.

• Do not apply DUROCEM to floors that have been previously sealed or treated with curing and parting compounds unless these products have been chemically or mechanically removed.

• DUROCEM can be used for exteriors. If the surface has been steel troweled, however, traffic can polish the surface and make it slippery.

• Although DUROCEM is chemically resistant, its application in specific chemical environments should be checked with DELTA RESEARCH Technical Service.

• For resilient tile applications, conduct an adhesion test.

• Never use DUROCEM with plastic concrete or mortar or resin-based terrazzo mixes.



Between 2,35-7,68m²/l (mixed material) depending on the surface, coverage varies with application method, porosity, and texture of concrete



Boxes of 12 containers of 1lt and 4 containers of 5 lt

10l Containers, 200l barrels